Why Do I Need An E-Commerce Platform For My Business In 2020?
Why Do I Need An E-Commerce Platform For My Business In 2020?
July 8, 2020

The Importance Of Going Online During COVID-19

If 2020 and Covid-19 have taught businesses a lesson is that if your business is not online, its tough!  The importance of going online during Covid-19 is inevitable.  And just because your business and brand is now online, it does not mean that you can relax.  Customers are not going to magically appear from nowhere and buy from you.  There are many things to consider after getting a website or an online store.  The main things are social media marketing and digital marketing solutions.  In addition to that, building your online presence for your brand is as important as having online presence. 2020 is the year when businesses and the globe have taken a new direction.  According to an article by Forbes, Covid-19 Pushes Up Internet Use 70% And Streaming More Than 12%, First Figures Reveal

Covid-19 Pushes Up Internet Use 70% And Streaming More Than 12%

How Can Your Business Benefit From Going Online Today?

Now we could get all technical explaining how the backend algorithms on online platforms will help your online platform.  Well let’s not beat around the bush with all the nitty gritty.  If your business is ranking high on search engines and active on social media platforms, you are bound to get traffic and brand authority.  However, you have to work hard at this and the key thing here is to remain consistent at all times.  Consistency will help you grow your brand and scale at a sustainable level.  According to an article by RevChat.com, the Ambassador says’71% of consumers who have had a good social media service experience with a brand are likely to recommend it to others.’


Which Social Media Platform Works For Your Business?

This depends on a few simple factors that your business may require.  For instance, your target market and demographics are the most important of those factors.  These can help you identify where your customers are based and how relevant and big is that market.  Therefore, you have to do some research on which social media platform works for you and your business.  Find out which platform does your target market use the most and how do they interact on the platform.  For instance if you are running an online blog and you publish content on a daily basis, Twitter and Instagram are the best bet for your business.  These two platforms are the most liquid, which means the users have a high engagement rate.

Which Social Media Platforms Works For Your Business

Which Social Media Platforms Works For Your Business

Choosing the right social media platform will differentiate between you getting the right audience and customers interacting with your brand and business or not.  For instance, if your target market is using Twitter and their retweet(sharing and engagement) rate is higher than your audience on Facebook, then it’s obvious you need to focus more on your Twitter.  In addition, you could use a combination of content producing and sharing methods to improve interactivity amongst your Facebook audience.  You can take it a step further by using analytics tools such as Google Analytics or analytics tools the social media platform provide to monitor which posts have more engagement.  Therefore, you could use your most engaging content to boost engagement and interactivity on platform where your audience is not as interactive.

A combination of content producing and sharing methods can improve interactivity amongst other social media platforms

What Kind Of Content Works For Your Brand?

The best way to find out which content works for your brand is by doing a trial and test run.  But only after doing some research of-course.  Research is the most important part as this will give you a broader idea on where to start.  You have to find out what your potential audience wants to know, understand their demographics and how they like consuming content.  Similarly, social media followers on each social media platform have a unique way of consuming and engaging with content.  This will be different across all platforms and it is up to you to find the right combination that works for you.  Your content could be in image, video or text format.  Options are not limited as you can use a combination of all media formats to create engaging content for your audience.


The Importance Of Going Online During COVID-19

Social Media Habits During Covid-19

Social Media Growth During The Covid-19 Pandemic

The importance of going online during this Covid-19 pandemic has awoke business and brand owners beyond expectation.  According to Data Reportal, ‘Almost half of internet users (47 percent) in surveyed countries say they’ve been spending longer using social media.  While roughly half of these users (23 percent) say they’ve been spending “significantly” more time using social media compared to their pre-lockdown behaviours.’  This pandemic has changed the internet and sparked a huge growth of engagement.  If your business capitalises on this wave, it will bring positive interaction between your business and customers.  With the right content and using platforms that work for your brand, your brand will grow beyond expectation.  Brand recognition will separate you and your brand form your competitors.  Potential customers and audiences will turn into buying customers.  This simply means you have the authority to let them share your brand ideas with other potential customers thus turning them into customers too.

Find the right combination that works for you and your brand

How Can Pharrage Technologies Assist You And Your Business?

We understand the importance of going online.  This brings you closer to your next client or product discovery.  Being online helps you stay ahead of your competitors.  Similarly, your brand can become an authority in the niche you specialise in and ultimately grow your audience.  Having a website is not enough.  There are far more technical tasks required to help your website perform better in terms of speed, ranking and quality content delivery.  Let us help you and brand become a highly respected authority in your industry.  Our dedicated team of copywriters and content developers has over 10 years of combined experience.  All you have to do is worry about your business and operations and we will take care of everything.


Website Design And Development

Website Design And Development


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