How social media impacts your business in 2020.
How Social Media Impacts Businesses in 2020
July 8, 2020
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The Top 20 Benefits of Having An Online Store

The Top 20 Benefits of Having An Online Store

With the rise of e-commerce and the growth of internet accessibility, having an online store is the best investment you can make for your business. Online stores have taken over and redefined shopping for good. Every business is slowly transitioning into some form of online shopping service provider allowing customers from all over the world to remotely shop and interact with their products and services. As we go through the top 20 benefits of having an online store, we take a deeper approach to understanding the business from all perspectives. Over the past 10 years, e-commerce has become the most lucrative business model for almost 70% of all online businesses.

People ask what are the top 5 or the top 10 benefits of having an online store. Today we take a deeper dive into understanding the top 20 benefits of having an online store. Take some time to learn how each benefit helps your brand/business grow. There are tons of online stores available on the internet. The key thing here is for your online store to stand out amongst the rest. Now how do you ensure that your online store stands out from the rest?

How Can E-Commerce Transform Your Business: The Top 20 Benefits of Having An Online Store


  1. Creates Engagement For Brand

    Your new online store business has the potential to create endless engagement. This can span all over the internet through search engines, social media platforms, and other mediums. The more people talking about the brand, the more attention the brand gets. At a later stage, the brand will have authority in its niche.

  2. Direct Marketing

    Your new online store business has the potential to create endless engagement. This can span all over the internet through search engines, social media platforms, and other mediums. The more people talking about the brand, the more attention the brand gets. At a later stage, the brand will have authority in its niche.

  3. Inexpensive

    You can save lots of costs in terms of logistics, supply, and maximize your profits on your sales. Also, you can scale your sales and leads using analytics and understanding your customer behavior. Setting up an online store will save you lots of money on warehousing and delivery of ordered products.

  4. Customer Feedback And Testimonials

    Customers can use your platform to review and rate your services and products.  This will help new customers gain value and insight into how well or efficient your service or product is for them.  Returning customers can also give testimonials on how the service or product they purchased from has helped them  and their business.  By doing this, your new customers can trust your services and products and most likely refer your services or products to other people.

  5. Better Customer Value

    Customers get more value for their purchased goods and services through your platform. Offering your customers incentives such as coupons/vouchers and discounts will most definitely go a long way. Your customers will always remember that your online store is the only place where they get rewarded for shopping on your platform and that is more reason for them to come back as recurring customers

  6. Improve Brand Recognition And Authority

    The bigger the brand grows, the more people will start to interact with the brand. By providing guaranteed quality services and products and the best customer service, the more authority your brand gets. Think of brands that grew from nothing into giant corporate companies from selling one item or product to selling over 10000 products on the same platform in less than 5 years.

  7. Scalability

    The potential for growth is unlimited! You can start off by selling one item and grow your online store to multiple products. You also have the potential to sell your products to multiple countries given that you are able to ship the products to your customers. The bigger your store gets, the more new potential customers you can get as your platform offers them a variety of options. An online store can grow from a dropshipping store to a multi-national warehousing store with logistics and global customer care services. E.g. and

  8. Improve Customer Loyalty

    By offering your clients the best services and products, they will most likely come back and purchase something from your store again. They will also start referring people to your online store because of great customer service. Your online store will gain domain authority and major organic traffic by utilizing SEO on search engines. When potential buyers search for a product you are selling in your store and your product is ranking higher on search engines, then you are going to make a sale.

  9. Instant and Interactive Customer Engagement

    Customers have instant remote access to all items. This means they can dynamically interact with your products and services from anywhere in the world. Your customers can rate your products and services and recommend it to other new customers. Lastly, your customers will be able to instantly interact and purchase any of the interacted items they engage with on your online store.

    top 20 benefits of having an online store

    top 20 benefits of having an online store

  10. You can use SEO And SEM To Rank On Google

    Your services and products can rank on search engines through ads and organic search results for maximum traffic. Potential customers and searchers have instant remote access to all search engines such as Google and Bing to search for products and services. Your products and services can be ranked on these search engines allowing you to get many of those searchers onto your website. You can rank for specific keywords and phrases that will direct searchers on to your web page results.

  11. Keep Track Of Orders In Real Time

    Instead of you having to worry about orders that will backlog or be late by some other factor, you have access to smart systems. These smart-systems are built into your online store and help track and lodge orders from customers in real-time. These smart-systems allow you to operate your business and process customer orders in real-time from any remote location.

  12. You Can Go Viral On Social Media

    Your online store and brand have the potential to grow and go viral on many platforms especially on social media platforms. Social media platforms can help your online store blow up. With the right marketing campaigns, you can target a vast audience on social media platforms such as FacebookTwitter, and Instagram to gain more traffic and followers on your brand pages. This will help your brand grow and most importantly it will help make your brand influential.

  13. Share The Story Behind Your Brand Or Business

    You have more than one platform in your hands to share the story behind your brand. This story can be used to uniquely connect to your audience and potential customers. You can use the platform to showcase your products and services and the passion that goes behind creating each and every product or service.

  14. Remotely Accessible

    Being online 24/hours 7 days a week, your online store can be remotely accessed from any location around the world. Your customers can get access to your online store using any mobile or computer device. Your online store can operate at any given time of the day and be accessed by anyone who wants to buy services and products from you.

  15. Exclusively Showcase Your Products

    Exclusive accessibility and ownership of your online store allow you to showcase your services and products in any way you like. Since you have more than one platform to reach out to potential searchers and customers, you can redirect all your traffic to your main online store. The best thing about this is that you can control all of your traffic sources by maximizing your catalog.

  16. Search Engines Rank Videos More

    You can take it a step further and add video reviews on your website and platforms such as YouTube for more reviews. Having your videos on these platforms will help your product or service rank high on search engines giving you as much organic traffic as possible. Most search engines tend to rank videos higher than text and images content.

  17. Improve Conversion Rate

    The higher your products and services rank on search engines, the more interactivity you can get from other platforms too. All of this interactivity will drive tons of traffic back to your website(online store). You can use this traffic to convert searchers into buyers. The best thing about this is that you can monitor how users navigate your online store and improve on call to actions that will convert into sales.

  18. Instant Call To Actions For Searchers

    Instant call to action allows your customers and searchers to take immediate action on search results they get on your online store. Searchers have options to place products in their carts and immediately purchase the products or services they want. Customers can also do more such as adding items onto a wish list, share them with other users and audiences on other social media platforms.

  19. Access and Collect Data From Audience

    You can collect important data from your customers and searchers on your platform. You can use this data to improve user experience and increase conversions. Data on your online will give you important data such as how do searchers and customers navigate and use and interact with products and services on your online store.

  20. Perform Retargeted Marketing for Audience

    The last of the top 20 benefits of an online store is the one that will keep your ads placed in front of potential buyers as much as possible. Retargeted marketing will help you serve ads to users who searched and viewed a product on your website even when they visit other websites. You can target specific ads to specific users and searchers based on various factors such as demographics, age, interests, and locations.

How Pharrage Technologies Can Help You With Your Online Store

Do you have an online store idea that you want to bring into reality? Or you run a business and want to know how you can take your business online and turn it into an online store? Check out our offers for online stores and get your store up and running from as low as R1 800.00! Our dedicated team is always available to assist you at any given time. To get the top 20 benefits of an online store, you can easily invest in your future online store today.  


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