Pharrage Technologies


Pharrage Technologies

Noun.  Pronounced as /far;raj/-Two Egyptian and Indian originated words “Pharaoh” and “Raj” derived into one word thus Pharrage.  Also known as Pharrage Tech or Phar’Rage Tech.

When did it all start?

Our humble beginnings go as far back as 2016 in a student residence accommodation in Pretoria, South Africa.  After discovering a huge lack of local development and design companies we concluded our inception.  The rise of website design, e-commerce development and digital marketing companies has created a wave of new business trading models.  In the awe of redefining Africa’s reach in global technology, the Pharrage Technologies company was born.

How did we do it?

Patience,  we stuck to what we knew, understand the importance of timing and asking for help.  It was important to use what we had.  Above all, we studied big corporates and created our own ethos as we progressed.  This drove us to gain more knowledge.  Similarly so, we started our own research, data collection and internal analysis.  In conclusion we created our own, Q & As, testing and implementation strategies that have made us beyond successful.

Studying IT lead us to an obsession with website design, e-commerce development and digital marketing.  Therefore, it shaped and transitioned us into full-time developers and digital marketers.

Why do we do it?

Passion.  We challenged and concluded to ourselves in the early stages of growth that we are doing this for one reason and one reason only.  We are doing this to change the perception of global and local business conduct.  This is aimed to transform African businesses and in addition aid them become viable and globally competitive.  As leaders in website design, e-commerce development and digital marketing, we have reimagined the conclusion of the digital age for the developing countries in Africa.


We aim for perfection through proven innovation. It is our main pillar of effective quality service delivery helping our clients turn any of their ideas into a reality. Patience; we take our time and passion understanding what our client(s) want and need. We then take them through various transparent and productive engagement procedures.  This improves business output communication. After that, we help you develop high-end technological solutions.


To continuously expand and enhance our services and develop high-value systems that will financially benefit our clients’ businesses.  Above all we are creating ultimate sustainable business operations, wealth and job opportunities. Our core focus is innovation, improved technologies, quality services, commitment, state of the art solutions and excellent service delivery.

In addition, we are changing and adapting new technologies and digital systems integrations from legacy systems into a new systems. Our technologies are driven to create innovative global business systems and an  inter-connected continent.


Being unbiased and eager to learn.  We thrive for value in our services and products thus ensuring that we deliver timely, accurate and quality services and products to all of our clients.  Passion for our clients, website design, e-commerce development and digital marketing separates us from our competitors.

Therefore adapting to any industry, economic environment and business cultures, ensures that we outline all unique factors for each client.  In conclusion,  ultimately reflect and translate our problem solving and design ethics towards the clients’s desired product or service.

Transform Your Brand/Business Today!

Need help with website design, e-commerce development and digital marketing? Pharrage Technologies is a company you can trust with branding, website design, e-commerce development, digital marketing and re-defining your business from the rest of your competitors.