Join Our Refer A Client Program

Get Paid Up To *R1000 Per Referral


Our services and products go beyond corporate clients.  Anyone across the globe can get full access to our unlimited catalogue of products and services.  By referring a client to our brand, you are indirectly representing our brand as a trusted service provider.  As an international service provider we will deliver services and products to any client at any location globally.  Be part of our global community and join our refer a client program today to earn money!



The simplicity of our referral program allows you to share our services with potential clients.  You have easy to follow and easy to understand steps that will bring you a step closer to earning your next cheque. We will pay you cash of up to $50 per successful referral!  The best thing about this is that you do not have to sign up to any MLM system or share any personalised link.  All you need to do is share our services and products with a potential client and help them visit our website.  You can even take it a step further and consult on their behalf to get as much information as you can.  Our administrative team will be available to assist you during office hours.  In conclusion, we track your referrals using smart AI and since you get instant payment per successful referral there is no need for accumulation.  Above all, you can earn money on any of the services and products we offer.



As much you would like to spend the cash on yourself and other things you can look into growing your business or brand.  You can reinvest in your business or brand with the funds you earn to get a better website, digital marketing and more. There are many platforms you can use to refer a client.  Brand authority has made standout from the rest and you can share our website across any platform you an imagine.  From search engines such as Google, Bing and social media platforms such as Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Join Our Refer A Client Program


Follow the three simple steps to help you join our refer a client program and start earning extra cash today.


Identify and connect.  Identify a friend or family member that may be in need of any of the services or products we offer.  Note their needs and how they are currently doing things in their business.  Whether they need more sales, traffic, branding or online presence we establish a clear and feasible goal.


Refer the client.  You then proceed to refer them to our business by introducing them to our website and and other platforms.  Your referrals project is then developed and designed of under both you and your referrals supervision.


Get paid.  Upon approval from client and conclusion on project you get paid.  The client gets the best product or service for their business needs and you get paid.  In conclusion, you can use the funds to improve your own brand or spend it on anything you like.

Business Branding And IdentityFrom R50.00
Media And Design SolutionFrom R80.00
Online Promotions And Digital MarketingFrom R200.00
Web And Applications DevelopmentFrom R250.00
E-Commerce SolutionsFrom R300.00

All individual services and products will earn you a specified amount of money.  Referees will get instant payment upon successful referrals.  Please note that referees have to make sure that clients they refer give the administrative team the correct information.  It is your responsibility to ensure that you give us correct information about your referral and contact details so you can get paid.

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