Business Branding And Identity


Branding and business identity is very key as it separates and identifies you and your brand from your competitors.  The importance for a business to have an identity.  Rapid internet growth and efficient designing ethics, means that you can get your business branded and identified very fast.  With the rise of e-business, commercial growth and competitive service delivery for brand authority, branding has became a very lucrative and compulsory.  Branding and business identity are the first steps a business should take to identify themselves from their competitors.  Your clients do not have to second guess or go through a haystack to identify your business from the rest.


Tell your customers, partners and investors more about your business.  Bring insight to customers about your brands and business history.  Share your vision with stakeholders, partners, investors and customers.

Create your own business profile showcasing your products and services.  Provide information on pricing, identify the locations you will be servicing and other important aspects.  A professional business profile will set you apart from your competitors and quickly identify your target market.


Need branded corporate uniforms or PPE for your staff business?  We have a variety of options for your brand and business.

We have unlimited corporate branding options for your business. Whether you are running a small business or a huge corporate business, we have unlimited options for you.  Get affordable designed quality uniforms, PPE and safety equipment printed for you.


Upload, edit and remove any of the products and services you will be selling.  Create your own catalogue of products with the updated product images and pricing.  Manage and keep track your inventory or stock in real-time.  The system also allows you to create live discounts on selected services and products.  You can easily navigate through products and services using product categories and other filters.


Get an interactive digital shopping cart or electronic shopping cart which allows your customers to seamlessly add items in their shopping basket.

The virtual shopping basket cart also has the ability to remember these items for a fixed amount of time.  Your customers can then proceed to safely proceed to checkout and pay for their ordered items.


Allow your customers to pay for their products immediately after ordering them.  Process and accept payments from various platforms and mediums.

Never worry about processing and accepting payments again.  You have options to allow your customers to via EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer), PayPal or cash on delivery.


Logo Design

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