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Images are powerful tools to reach out to people and convey messages.  Logos have been the standard for branding since the beginning of time.  Even with the rise of digital technology, logos are still relevant even today.  Logos have more relativity and direct interaction with customers.  Therefore,  professional, creative posters and logo design is of adamant importance to capture your readers attention.  In addition, we offer a wide range of post production services for the ultimate logo.  We also assist in bulk printing and online marketing solutions.


Our dedicated team has the knowledge and understanding of the importance of having an entire logo design package.  This package includes; production and creative designs, editing and printing solutions.  Your logo can be designed and printed into any size you can imagine.  For various sizes you can view the size chart here.


The next place to market your logo after giving designing is online across all social media platforms.  Having a physical logo for a business or brand is not enough!  To reach more people, we turn to social media to perform social media marketingDepending on the number of people you would like to reach, the more expansive the project becomes.  In other words,  we will set up various social media campaigns to market the brand for effective and faster results.

Logo Design


  • Brand Or Business Identification
  • Customers Can Remember It
  • Brand Loyalty
  • Your Customers Know What To Expect
  • Separate You For Other Brand And Businesses
  • Great Logos Are Rememberable
  • You Get More Value For Your Product And Business
  • Social Engagement
  • Can Be Used Both Online and Offline
  • Make Lasting First Impression
  • Display Of Professionalism
  • Showcase Your Brands Personality
  • Maximise On Marketing
  • Consistency
  • Scalability
  • Very Difficult To Duplicate
  • Online Appeal And Marketing
  • Inform Your Potential Customers
  • Build A Loyal Following


Follow the three simple steps to help you get the best logo design option for your new business or brand.


Mockups and requirements.  After concluding the requirements with the design team, we will proceed to design the logo.  The design team designs a mockup for your new logo.  The mockup will outline the theme, layouts, images, fonts, colours and general look for the logo.


Design and development of logo.  The design team will then proceed to design and develop the designed mockup into a fully-fledged logo.  The logo will include a seamless immaculate design, important information as well as contact details.


Finalisation & Post Production.  Upon approval from both parties in the design stage, we then produce the final designs into logo format.  In conclusion, we provide extended services such as editing, illustrations,  publishing and bulk printing.

Basic 2D LogoFrom R750.00
Advanced 2D LogoFrom R950.00
Basic 3D LogoFrom R1 000.00
Advanced 3D LogoFrom R1 400.00
Animated 2D LogoFrom R1 200.00
Animated 3D LogoFrom R1 800.00
Unlimited Logo Design ServicesFrom R3 000.00

All logo design services will be billed on a once-off basis which may be billed at an hourly rate(R150.00/hour).  This will be based on the nature and schedule of the project.  Please note that logo design prices may vary according to your needs and requirements.  It is your responsibility to understand and approve your brand and business goals before production commences.

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