E-Commerce Solutions


Times have changed and with businesses moving online, it is important for a business to have online presence. Lower production costs means that you can finally own, run and operate your own online store from any location on the planet. With the rise of e-commerce solutions, the need for brick and mortar businesses is slowly becoming obsolete and rather expensive.  E-commerce has disrupted conventional ways of doing business which means you can have a store operating 24 hours 365 days with customers ordering their goods and services from any desired location. Clients do not have to wait for the shops to open as your e-commerce provides them flexible buying options and solutions at any given time.


Take your business online and sell any product or service that you desire. Your customers can purchase and order any of the products you are selling over the internet using any web browser and any device. Create your own catalogue of products and services, incoroprate your pricing plan, identify the locations you will be servicing and start marketing your business. Promote your business as an e-commerce solution to the problems your potential offline clients may face.


National and international third-party integrated shipping solutions to all your e-commerce needs. Deliver your client orders on time, all the time! Integrate your e-commerce shipping business with any courier or shipping or delivery company/solution of your choice using our API. Your customers will simply order and the API will process a delivery/collection request to your integrated partner.



Upload, edit and remove any of the products and services you will be selling. Create your own catalogue of products with the updated product images and pricing. Manage and keep track your inventory or stock in real-time. The system also allows you to create live discounts on selected services and products. You can easily navigate through products and services using product categories and other filters.



Allow your customers to pay for their products immediately after ordering them. Process and accept payments from various platforms and mediums. Never worry about processing and accepting payments again. You have extended options to allow your customers to pay for goods via EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer), PayPal or cash on delivery.


E-Commerce Solutions

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