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YouTube is the biggest search engine after Google and it has over 3 billion searchers a month!  You have the potential to reach more people with suggested video content when you have set your tags correctly.  YouTube Marketing and promotion will ensure that your video content is ranked and reaches as many searchers and non searchers possible.  YouTube allows you to create your own channel.  For instance, you can gain more subscribers, run ads on your video content for income and more.


As a brand or artist, YouTube marketing and promotion allows content to be discovered by billions of various users.  This leads to organic growth on YouTube.  You can get discovered by businesses, clients and the public. Growth on your YouTube channel will keep you and brand way ahead of competitors.  The best thing about this is that you can monetise your content and channel.  Therefore, you can provide solutions to your audience and make money in return without anyone of your viewers paying for content.


Relevant video content has very high ranking rates on search engines.  Ranking high on Youtube will automatically rank your content on Google.  Above all, the search engines will increase your brand authority.  Ranking higher on both Google and YouTube than your competitors will increase your chances of interaction.  A full YouTube marketing and promotion package will give you limitless growth options.  The package includes; relevant keyword research, tags, demographic insights, data tracking solutions and more.

YouTube Marketing And Promotion


  • 24 Hour Online Presence
  • Showcase Your Services & Products
  • Low Production Costs
  • Cheap Advertising
  • Customer Support & Insights
  • Information Platform
  • Educate/Entertain Customers
  • Extend Potential Business Reach
  • Great For Finding New Employees/Customers
  • Cheap Market Research
  • Cheap Advertising Costs
  • Direct Communication
  • You Can Be Discovered & Rank On Google
  • Global Reach
  • No Printing & Distribution Costs
  • Expropriate The Traffic
  • Get Leads
  • Content Is Endless & Never Fades
  • Retarget Customers Through Ads
  • Track Business Process In Real Time


Follow the three simple steps to help you get the best YouTube Marketing And Promotion option for your brand and content.


Establish business goals.  Our marketing team together with your business or brand directors will establish goals that the brand wants to reach.  Whether you want more sales, traffic, downloads or more followers, we establish a clear and feasible goal.


Complete market research study.  The marketing team will then proceed to do market research in your industry to establish key factors.  These include the number of clients searching for your services and products online and more.


Run and monitor campaigns.  Upon approval from both parties, we run the campaigns on the dedicated platforms.  These search engine platforms include YouTube and Google.  In conclusion, you can collect and use data analytics to analyse data.  You can use this data to maximise your views.

TrueView & Bumper Ads
In-stream Ads
Sales Campaigns
Preroll Ads
Full YouTube Ad (*video production only)
Marketing Plan Package
Unlimited YouTube Marketing Plan

All YouTube campaigns will be billed on a month-month basis instead of a locked period allowing you to opt out when you have reached your goals.  Please note that YouTube Marketing and Promotion prices may vary according to your needs and requirements.  It is your responsibility to understand and approve your brand goals before marketing implementation.

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