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Online advertising has transformed marketing since the beginning of the internet bubble in the early 2000s.  As search engines have became the main platforms for topic, product or service search and interaction.  Google Ads allow businesses and brands to advertise their service and products on Google.  The ads for your brand can be listed on the top advertisement rankings on search engines.  Search results will be displayed as paginated lists.  Results are based on relevance to the search terms typed in the search bar.  These advertisement results are mainly in display format.  However,  for nonorganic search results, you are able to filter out pay per click advertising.


Forget about spending hundreds of thousands on billboards, magazines or television advertising.  The internet has made advertising cheaper and easily accessible over the years across all devices.  According to a study by Wordstream, 64.6% of people still click on paid ads. These search listings beat out organic clicks by nearly a 2:1 margin for keywords with high commercial intent in the US.  In other words, 64.6% of people click on Google Ads when they are looking to buy an item online!.  Above all, with a combination of Google Ads and SEO your content could rank number on search engines for maximum traffic. You could also place Google Ads on your website, blog and YouTube content for more revenue.  Advertisers will now pay you for your interaction with your audience!


High ranking on search engines for your ad will increase your traffic and interaction.  The main search engines and ad platforms used today are GoogleAds, YahooAds and Bing Ads.  Ranking higher than your competitors means that you can increase your chances of interaction.  A full Google Ads package will give you limitless advertising options.  In other words, your ads can be in text, image and video format depending on your needs. The package includes; relevant keyword research, demographic insights, data tracking solutions and more.

Google Ads


  • Creates Engagement for Brand
  • No Advertising Fees
  • Fewer or No Staff Required
  • Better Customer Value
  • Improve Brand Recognition
  • Improve Customer Loyalty
  • Easy Customer Engagement
  • Influence On Audience For Purchase
  • Improve Brand Awareness
  • Quicker Than SEO
  • Improve Targeted Leads & Sales
  • Instant & Interactive Customer Engagement
  • Drive Ad-Based Traffic To Your Website
  • Everyone Uses Search Engines
  • Improve Engagement & Conversion Rate
  • Improve And Outrank On Competitor’s Keywords
  • Access & Collect Data From Audience
  • Retargeted Marketing Based On Language/Location
  • Improve Traffic & Conversion Rate
  • Accessible Across All Devices
  • Google Is The Biggest Search Engine


Follow the three simple steps to help you get the best Google Ads option for your new business or brand.


Establish business goals. Our marketing team together with your business or brand directors will establish the goals that the brand wants to reach. Whether you want more sales, traffic, downloads or more followers, we establish a clear and feasible goal.


Complete market research study.  The marketing team will then proceed to do market research in your industry to establish key factors.  These include the number of clients searching for your services and products online and more.


Run and monitor campaigns.  Upon approval from both parties, we run the campaigns on the dedicated platforms.  These search engine platforms include Google and or YouTube.  In conclusion, you can collect and use data analytics to analyse data.  You can collect user data for service, product and customer service improvement.

Lead Campaigns
Sales Campaigns
Traffic Campaigns
Mobile App Promotions
Brand & Product Campaigns
Brand Awareness
Market Research Study (*study only)
Unlimited Google Ads Services

All ad campaigns include key-word research and shall be billed on a month-month basis instead of a locked period.  This is to allow you to opt out when you have reached your goals.  Please note that Google Ads prices may vary according to your needs and requirements.  It is your responsibility to understand and approve your brand and business goals before marketing implementation.

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