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Search engines have became the main platforms for topic, product or service research and interaction.  SEM or Search Engine Marketing means that your brand can be ranked at the top of the advertisement list section on search engines.  Search results will be displayed as advertisement prior to the search organic results.  Results are based on relevance to the search terms typed in the search bar.  These results are exclusively in advertisements format and are labelled as advertisements.  However, this time non-organic search results are filter and displayed as pay per click advertising.


Low advertising costs ensure that your SEM or Search Engine Marketing plan is cognisant to your Google Ads.  In other words, you can set a budget according to your relevant targeted keywords. This means you will only pay the fee once a searcher clicks on your advertisement.  According to SEMRush, 71.76% of domains change rankings by one place on mobile compared to desktop, 52.16% change by three places and 29.16% change by 10 places.  In addition, you may be ranking high on desktop but not even appear on the first page of results on mobile.  In fact, 30% of pages that show on the first page of desktop search results do not appear in the top 10 results on mobile. Therefore, our SEM Or Search Engine Marketing Solutions also cater for mobile devices.


Ranking high on the advertisement sections of search engines will increase your chances to more traffic.  The main search engines used today are Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu and Yandex.  Ranking higher than your competitors means that you can increase your chances of interaction.  A full SEM or Search Engine Marketing package will give you limitless growth options.  The package includes; relevant keyword research, Google Ad’s linking, demographic insights, data tracking solutions and more.

SEM Or Search Engine Marketing


  • Creates Engagement For Brand
  • Direct Marketing To Relevant Audience
  • You Pay Per Click
  • Fewer Or No Staff Required
  • Better Customer Value
  • Scalability
  • Improve Brand Awareness
  • Fast & Cheap
  • Improve Targeted Leads & Sales
  • Instant & Interactive Customer Engagement
  • Drive Ad-Based Traffic To Your Website
  • Everyone Uses Search Engines
  • Higher ROI
  • Remotely Market Analysis
  • Direct Communication With Clients
  • Improve Engagement & Conversion Rate
  • Visible On Competitor’s Keywords
  • Access & Collect Data From Audience
  • Retargeted Marketing Based On Language/Location
  • Quicker Than Conventional  SEO
  • You can Rank On Both Desktop And Mobile


Follow the three simple steps to help you get the best SEM or Search Engine Marketing option for your new business or brand.


Establish business goals. Our marketing team together with your business or brand directors will establish the goals that the brand wants to reach. Whether you want more sales, traffic, downloads or more followers, we establish a clear and feasible goal.


Complete market research study.  The marketing team will then proceed to do market research in your industry to establish key factors.  These include the number of clients searching for your services and products online and more.


Run and monitor campaigns.  Upon approval from both parties, we run the campaigns on the dedicated platforms.  These search engine platforms include Google, Bing and Yahoo.  In conclusion, you can collect and use data analytics to analyse data.  You can collect user data for service, product and customer service improvement.

Basic SEM
Advanced SEM
SEM Data Analysis
Advanced PPC Campaign
Market Research Study (*study only)
Unlimited SEM Services

All SEM or Search Engine Marketing campaigns include key-word research and shall be billed on a month-month basis.   This flexible payment plan allows you to opt out once you have reached your goals.  Please note that SEM or Search Engine Marketing prices may vary according to your needs and requirements.  It is your responsibility to understand and approve your brand and business goals before marketing implementation.

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