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Ever since its development and introduction to the mainstream in 1994, blogging is still relevant today.  Blogging has grown corporate exclusivity down to individuals sharing relevant information on various topics.  New age design and development ethics has ushered in new waves of systemic standards for blog design and development.  With over 60% of global users using the mobile device to access the internet, development for mobile has been on the rise.  We have redefined blogging and remodelled a new business model.  This model aims to assist bloggers at growing their platforms,  therefore creating more revenue streams for their businesses.


High-powered blog design and development standards will allow any searcher globally full access to your content.  Establish yourself as an authority in your niche market.  In addition to building a loyal audience, you can also grow your content insights and reach.  Growing your authority will result in more people relying on your blog for informative topics.  Therefore, the more quality content you produce on your blog the more potential readers you can get and keep.  Blogs have the power influence a whole number of global potential searchers and readers online.  Anyone who is in seeks of the information your niche provides will be able to view and access your blog over the internet.


Global recognition and client interaction has endorsed our dedication of delivering immaculate products and services.  Blogging platforms are growing and our advanced development processes enshrine smart interactivity.  From a simple onepage blog all the way to a custom multi-functional online magazine, Pharrage Tech is your ultimate solution. We have unfolded universal interaction mediums to all our national and international customers.

Blog Design And Development


  • Freedom Of Expression
  • Staying Ahead In Your Niche
  • Lower Labour Costs
  • Fewer or No Staff Required
  • Better Employment Opportunities
  • Scalability
  • Improve Writing Skills
  • Become A Published Author
  • Instant Feedback
  • Become An Influencer
  • Simple Maintenance
  • Build An Audience
  • Build Connections And Contacts
  • Remotely Accessible
  • Build Mailing List
  • Learn New Skills
  • Customer/Audience Feedback And Testimonials On Related Topic
  • Improve Brand Recognition and Authority
  • You can use SEO And SEM To Rank On Google
  • Keep Track Of Orders In Real Time
  • You Can Go Viral On Social Media
  • Share The Story Behind Your Opinion Or TopicInstant Engagement For Searchers
  • Perform Retargeted Marketing for Audience


Follow the three simple steps to help you get the best blog design and development option for your new blog.


Blog function requirements.  The design and development team together with the client outline the systems documentation for the blog.  It will layout the systems functions, attributes, layouts, fonts, colours and general feel.  Lastly, it will include the features and functionality for the blog.


Design and development UI.  The development and design team will then proceed to design and develop the designed mockup.  Your mockup will then be developed into a fully functional blog.


Testing, documentation and blog launch.  Your blog will then be tested, documented and launched into implementation after approval.  In conclusion, your blog will be finally marketed and optimised for the various search engines.

Personal Blog
Niche Blog
Business Blog
Reverse Blog
News/Magazine Blog
Media Blog
Affiliate Blog

All cloud based blogs developed will include lifetime updates and maintenance.  Maintenance and hosting fees will be billed on a monthly basis.  Please note that blog development prices may vary according to your needs and requirements.  It is your responsibility to understand and approve designs and blog functions before implementation.

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